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Pneumatic Jacks Designed Tough and Built to Last! Every air Jack is super fast. Bag air Jack is one of the most useful tools in the body shop. It’s compact, powerful and very fast to use. Bag air Jack is simply the easiest and fastest way to install pinch weld clamps on the frame machine.

Capacity: 3.0 Ton

Working Pressure: 145 Psi/10Bar/1.0Mpa

Min. Height:150 mm/5.71”

Max. Height: 400 mm/16”

Air Inlet :G1/4

Lifting Time: 5 Sec

Working Temp.: -60℃~ 50℃

High Capacity

Well Constructed

Thickened Rubber

Portable Handle

High Capacity

The pneumatic jack capacity: 6600 lbs/3T. And it’s lifting Height Range: 5.71″-16″.It just takes 5 seconds to lift up. Working Temp: -60℃~ 50℃.

Well Constructed

The pneumatic jack is made of high strength steel, the whole body is sturdy and durable. Larger stressed area, fits on soft and easy-collapsing place.

Thickened Rubber

The thickened rubber and steel plate work together to make the lifting safer and more stable. The combination also reduced impact, and lead to precise lifting.

Portable Handle

There is an handle equipped in this air bag jack, which could make the jack easy to move and use for you.

Easy to Use

Powerful and very fast to use. The triple bag jack is the easiest and fastest way to make the car lifted. It inflates with compressed air.

Wide Application

Suitable for soft and easy to collapse terrain, water on sand or muddy roads. Family using car, minivan, SUV off-road vehicle.

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